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“Your glossary is great!”

“I bought it and I like it.”

“Wow! Excellent work with that grammar ebook. You and your wife did a great job.”

“I love your e-book. It is so easy to download and use.

To be fair, my site [Grammar Monster -- see links page] is slightly more comprehensive. That said, GM is nowhere near as succinct as The Basic Glossary of Grammar. And, that is what the public needs. Let's face it!

Our products definitely complement each other.”
  Craig Shrives

The Basic Glossary of Grammar — An e-book you can download to your computer. (Click on book cover to see sample pages.)

This is the book
grammar students
have been begging for.

Ever since the first grammar student threw his book against the blackboard, teachers have watched millions of students sink into the swamp of grammar. The subject is just SO VAST, and SO CONFUSING.

Not Any More!

The Basic Glossary of Grammar is a practical and workable approach to grammar for any student, of any age. Easy to study, easy to learn, easy to build on.

Check It Out!

CLICK HERE (or on the book cover above) to see 18 sample pages of this 87-page book. We include most of the section on Verbs.

(They are in PDF format, and will open in a new window. The sample pages do not show page numbers, but the real book does.)

After you see them, if you want to order the whole book right away for only $4.95, ORDER HERE. Otherwise, keep reading...

What Makes Grammar Hard?

Anyone who has ever tried to teach grammar, whether in a traditional or a homeschool setting, to kids or adults, or in ESL or continuing education, knows this answer. There are LOTS of words, LOTS of rules, and LOTS of exceptions. Wherever you start, it gets very complicated, very quickly.

The Basic Glossary of Grammar undercuts the confusion. It lays down the floor with clean, uncomplicated concrete. Learn these words, and learn the largest part of what grammar is all about. We are not talking weeks here. In less than a week of study, a student can learn the basics upon which he can build his future.

For those who want to learn more about grammar, or who have to, in order to meet certain educational requirements, it will be MUCH easier after they have studied The Basic Glossary of Grammar.


The Basic Glossary of Grammar is most valuable for these people:

  • Homeschooling students.

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) students and teachers.

  • Adults who didn’t understand grammar in school, and now want to know the basics.

  • Students now in school, studying grammar, and not “getting” it.

A Great Resource...

We, the authors of The Basic Glossary of Grammar, have spent over twenty years studying and teaching grammar to adults and children. You will appreciate the simple, straightforward way we talk about basic grammar.

...for Teachers

You have watched your students get upset about grammar. You have banged your head against the wall, wishing there were a better way.

Now there is!

...and for Students!

No matter the age, no matter the reason, a student cannot learn a subject unless he learns the basic words of that subject. NO OTHER BOOK introduces the most important words of grammar to students as cleanly and clearly as The Basic Glossary of Grammar. At least, none that we have found.

What’s wrong with traditional grammar books?

  • They try to do too much, too fast.

  • They don’t separate the most important information from less important information.

  • They overwhelm the student. Many students, if not most, give up in frustration.

What now?

Go straight to the Order the Book page and take the plunge. The price is only $4.95, and the content is priceless.

This is the perfect time to order The Basic Glossary of Grammar by clicking here: Order the Book!

Two other things:

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  2. Let us know what you think of The Basic Glossary of Grammar after you have had a chance to use it for a while.
    E-mail me, Don Dewsnap.

Well, that pretty much covers it. Enjoy the rest of the site, and enjoy the book.

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